Quality Approach

Our company is fully conscious about conducting its corporate activities within the responsibility of the protection of the global environment.

* To treasure human health the most and fully abide by quality, environment and safety rules at all phases of our services by considering applicable laws and regulations,

* To be always fair and honest towards the institutions that we work with, our Subcontractors, other Customers and employees and cooperate with the employer, public institutions, research institutes and the public in order to improve Environmental efficiency and quality,

* To always do the right thing and increase the competitive power through constant improvement,

* To determine the critical points in the service process and take preventive actions for errors and nonconformities and maintain continuity in quality through active corrective actions,

* To follow industrial developments and reflect contemporary practices in service quality,

* To have team work as basis in all our activities and provide high motivation,

* To maintain works in all our units through environmental protection consciousness are quality and environment policies of our country.